happier on the wild side


And just as I’m drawn to nature, I’d like to give you a piece of this simplicity too. Books, inspired by the great outdoors, for on the road or at home, for yourself or your loved ones. A piece of nature, filled with Poems, Thoughts, Feelings and Dreams; with Ups and Downs, and all between. But most of all: it’s filled with wild nature, written from the deepest and most vulnerable place of my heart. And: I wrote it for you.

Coming soon

wild stories-magazin is full of stories, poems,
thoughts and dreams. it’s from me, for you.

currently we’re working on a publishing company, 
with lots of love and sensitivity,
hope we can surprise you, stay stoked

good things take time


wild roads

walk these
wild roads with me.
long and winding,
but our loving here
is true. so true.